Jordan Belfort’s Beginnings

This video clip from an information seminar given by Virgin Australia Airlines features the legendary Wall Street entrepreneur, Jordan Belfort prefacing his methods of achieving success in business. Jordan explains how he performed small, menial jobs such as selling door-to-door and shoveling snow in order to make money at an early age.

He even made $20,000 every summer during college. Jordan was pressured by his mother to become wealthy through the tried-and-true method of being a doctor. He instead went to dental school where he learned that making lots of money as a dentist was a bygone era.

Jordan then sold meat door-to-door, breaking company records. He explains how this experience made him realize his inherent gift for sales. Jordan emphasizes how his life has been a series of different events that, although different, all revealed that there are numerous ways to make money through simple entrepreneurial strategies.

Watch this video for yourself to become inspired by Jordan Belfort’s eventful life of entrepreneurial self-discovery!

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