Who is James J. Jones

james j jonesJames Jones is an entrepreneur and opportunity seeker in truest sense of the word. He has had many business ventures both on and offline, having started his first business at the age 19 when he set up a video arcade. Although in internet marketing circles he is best known for his product, “micro niche finder”, he has had a career that has spanned restaurants, mail order and different types of retail businesses.

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In addition to helping your typical internet marketer James is also an expert on selling physical products on eBay having first got his entry into the internet marketing world selling cigar boxes online. No sooner had he done this than he released a product teaching people how to do the exact same thing and he also teaches people how to profit from 12 little known niche markets on eBay. James’s product, emergency cash generators, is probably the one product that sums up the diversity best, by which this marketer makes money online, as he explains in this release 101 of his best cash generation strategies.

James main focus today though is to help those who are involved in online marketing and as mentioned above, most people in the IM world will know him from “micro niche finder”. This tool has been used successfully by many internet marketers and is a serious contender against the likes of keyword elite and market samurai. Many affiliate marketers are using this tool everyday to find the best niche markets and get ranked for the best words in that market.

With many internet marketers hungry for content on many different niches James has also turned his hand to fulfilling this need with his creation of ultimate “plr article collection” where you can get access to 29,000 different private label rights articles on any subject in the IM sphere.

James is not one of those internet marketers that you will find releasing a different product every week and he has in effect relatively few products in the market place compared to some of his peers. His products however, have a straight forward proposition and generally deliver on their promises offering good value at a reasonable price.
James has steered clear of hype, scams and bad reviews and is genuinely respected and trusted as on online marketing professional and as an entrepreneur in general.


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