Facebook Marketing: Updated Pages

In this video, one of the foremost experts on marketing through social media, Mari Smith, offers some useful advice on recent changes to Facebook. Mari says that Facebook’s updates to fan pages are tremendous developments. Pages can now post and comment on other pages. You are able to write on any Facebook user’s wall, even if you are not the user’s “friend,” as long as the user allows anybody to write on it.

The tabs that previously were located on the top of a user’s profile page, which directed people to the user’s wall, information, photos, and other profile components, are now located on the left side of the page, so this may take some getting used to. Wall posts are no longer chronological.

At this point, the most popular posts (i.e. the ones which most people comment on and/or “like”) are positioned higher on a user’s wall. Newly strengthened spam filters enable users to choose keywords to specifically filter out certain spam. This is great for large businesses with lots of fans.

Mari knows a lot about Facebook’s recent changes, so check out this video to learn about them right now!

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